Carnival of Creatures

Over 150 species a day are becoming extinct. This threatens us all. Carnival of Creatures celebrates animals, creatures, insects, birds and the wonderful web of life on earth which is being lost. It is a call to action, to not let nature – which we are a part of and which we need to stay alive – be erased.

Protest march
Saturday 01 June / 1pm for 1:30pm departure / All Saints Park Oxford Road Manchester
All ages. Let’s get noticed and take our message to the streets in a riot of colour, sound and people. With beautiful carnival puppets and creatures kindly loaned by Handmade Parade, Global Grooves and Strange Train

Please see below for timings, logistics and advice.

There are creative family sessions happening during half-term.

On the day
12:30 Bee My Baby picnic at All Saints Park
If your little one is too wee to join activities at Manchester Museum (see below) join other Rising Up! Manchester Families parents and carers for a picnic in the park before joining the march. It’s a chance to meet other families, the babies to play, have some cake and if you have a buggy we have materials to pimp it, insect stylee. There will be a Bee My Baby section in the march.

11-12:45 Family Fun, Manchester Museum
It’s a jam-packed session with nature, art, diy face painting, a chance to make wings to wear in the Carnival of Creatures, storytelling and play. Plus come and meet Rising Up! Manchester Families. (Part of Manchester Museum’s Heritage Futures Studio asking people to help us imagine, design and begin to create the future together.)

Protest timings, logistics and advice

Lost child protocol
We have a dedicated dbs checked Lost Child/First Aid Officer (there are a number of qualified first aiders on hand)
-Please keep your child/ren with you at all times.
– Wristbands and pens will be available at the info desk in All Saints Park. We suggest that parents/carers write their mobile numbers on a wristband or directly onto the child’s arm.
-In the event of losing your child in the park
We have stewards at the exits of the park. Found children will be taken to the info point near to the Oxford Road entrance. Please advise a steward immediately so we can assist in reuniting you with your child.
In the event of losing your child during the march
If you lose sight of your child in the march please immediately inform the nearest steward. Any children found will be kept with the steward they are flagged to along with our Lost Child Officer. In case of lost child please give physical description – eg boy, brown hair, 5 years old, wearing leopard costume –  as well as name.
Stewards are briefed to stop any solo children they see leave the march and to try and find the phone number and call you. The lost child/first aid officer will come to the child and child encouraged to keep pace with the march if at all possible.
– The official meeting point for the march is on the pavement outside All Saints Park, you will be advised when it is time to assemble. All Saints Park is a nice place to play or have a picnic beforehand, there will be lots of other families there. There are unfortunately no public toilets anywhere near the park (bring back public toilets!). Manchester Business School does have a cafe and toilet.
– The march will make its way to Piccadilly Gardens. The route takes 30 minutes at parade speed but total time will depend on the number of people who join us on the day. Pushchairs, scooters etc very welcome.
– There will be a short closing ceremony at Piccadilly Gardens where children will have the opportunity to come forward and hang bees/birds/butterflies/bugs on the wishing tree. After this the march is ended but many of us will stay and play and talk to others.
– Please bring sufficient water and sunscreen/umbrellas
– This is a protest march. We have ample stewards and are in communication with the police. We ask that you stay with the march, follow any instructions from stewards and from police. Please be advised that failing to follow direct instruction from a police officer could potentially constitute an offence. If you have any cause for concern please immediately signal a steward, they are there for your safety and well-being. Please see here for ‘bust cards’ which are a full explanation of our legal rights and the correct reponse should you be personally approached by police. We do not in any way expect that this would happen but it is important to be fully informed 🙂 These will also be available on the day. Again, please signal a steward immediately should you experience any difficulties.
– Enjoy yourselves! This march has been planned to be fun for everyone involved – especially for children who might find traditional shouty marches less easy – and to be engaging to passerbys who we hope will be interested and get involved in this issue. Waving, dancing, playing around etc all very much permitted and welcome.