Hello there

What if taking action on climate could be fun for you and your family? 

Rising Up Manchester Families is run by parents. It was set up to help us make it easy for families to come together, take action and to be heard. And to make climate action a positive, fun, social part of our lives. All our events and meetings are made to work for families. 

We know it is hard to think about what is happening to the world we live in, hard to think about what is ahead. What is even scarier is not thinking about it. Letting the time we still have to make change pass by. The lack of action in the face of the emergency must be challenged by all of us. There are environmental tipping points but there are also societal ones. 

Things are changing, awareness is growing. 

Let’s be a part of that change.

“I’m no longer accepting the things I can’t change, I’m changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Davis

What we will do.

Bring about change. Actions will be fun but they will also be effective. And as well as demanding change we will put forward solutions about how to make that change happen. 

Help families become a powerful voice in demanding change and a future for our children. 

Support children in learning about climate breakdown. A huge part of our aim is to involve children in taking action. Since they must find out about the problems facing us let them learn about it as a problem we are part of trying to change. We will help their voices be heard. And let them see that their adults are doing everything they can to make the future better. This matters. 

We will be careful and considerate in what we tell children and how we tell them.  

Build community Be a part in building connections and making a community to support each other.  

Make this an inclusive movement We need and value everyone and will consider and design all meetings and actions for everyone. We consider accessibility issues for people with disabilities and whether there might be additional barriers for People of Colour or cultural barriers. We welcome any additional input or ideas in this. As an organisation we will support endevours which stand up against unjust police interference, disproportionately experienced by BME communities. We will also support and partner anti-racist and anti-facist endevours. Unfortunately the increase in climate problems is predicted to go hand-in-hand with an increase in nationalism, facism and associated problems and we must be a part in standing against this also.

Value you We understand that people are at different points in their journey of understanding what is happening to our world, and also in steps they take in their individual lives. You are welcome at whatever stage you are. We will value you and your time and your skills and do everything we can to make it meaningful for you and help you make connections with others.

Break the silence We are part of the huge movement to get people talking about what is happening. 

“Kid, you’ll move mountains.”
Dr Suess


We are connected to Extinction Rebellion and share their three demands to:

Tell the Truth − it’s an emergency.

Act Now − halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

Beyond Politics − put in place Citizen’s Assemblies

We also put forward policy and proposals for the Greater Manchester area which align with these demands as well as push for change at national level.