Get involved

Want to get involved?
So happy to hear you’re up for getting involved in Rising Up! Manchester Families, we’d love to have you. The group is very much about what different people want to bring to it, there’s room and a need for all.

First step. Understanding yourself, what it is that makes you feel good, what makes good use of your skills, likes and current circumstances.

Where are you at in terms of your life and your available time and resources?
Questions to ask yourself here – how easy is it for me to commit to turning up? How much practical support do I get from partner or friends? How independent is my child/children? When do I get free time? In what kinds of chunks? Am I happy working remotely, being online? Or is it better to do things in person?

What kinds of activism suits you and your personality?
The two articles below might help you decide what kind of activism would suit you

So you’re ready to take action against climate change?
Activism broken down into the possible paths – easy to understand flow chart.

Too weary to change the world? The 4 Rs of regenerative resistance
This is a great piece from Lucy AitkenRead on making activism regenerative and life affirming.

With all this in mind, please tell us about you. (And please! If you have an idea about how you would like to get involved…say it/do it etc. You don’t need anyone’s permission x) Write it off the top of your head, it doesn’t need to sound ‘good’ and email it to us at (See example below if it helps.)

Rose – Skills/experience – marketing and comms for public sector, events organising, editor and writer, created online arts and culture magazine while living in Hanoi. I like using research and analytical skills, strategic planning. I love coming up with ideas for actions and creative stuff. Okay just about with doing silly things like being Ethel (dressed up in bright blue and green, doing a performative art fortune telling with the children) but kind of depends on what time of the month! Sometimes that is my worst nightmare.
Am a little (sometimes a lot) scatty and while I have done lots of project planning I really really need the tools and the plans because otherwise it all escapes!
I have a tendency to jump around all over the place with ideas when talking things through which can be difficult. I am not a strong people manager.
I buzz off starting things, I’m happy to throw myself into things and can work quite obsessively and intensely. I need new things and find it hard to keep up the energy and enthusiasm. I am bad at looking after myself.
Evenings are incredibly difficult for me to get to things as a mother (of my particular child!) This has been the biggest block for me in terms of volunteering in the past and something we are keen to be able to work around with Rising Up. I do have a very supportive partner who helps me be able to do Rising Up. But my daughter has high needs of my support and physical presence which can make it tricky. I am good at working remotely. It is amazing the amount you can do via internet and phone call meetings!