Petition: declare emergency

Climate Emergency Manchester is an organisation set up to focus on getting Manchester City Council to take appropriate steps in the face of the climate emergency. Anyone who lives or works in Manchester can sign.

The petition says:

“We the undersigned petition the Council to declare a climate emergency, with a target to be “zero carbon” by the year 2030, with a proportionate share of Manchester Airport’s emissions (35.5 percent owned by the Council) included in the carbon budget it sets.

Other councils around the United Kingdom have declared a climate emergency. While Manchester has set a target of being zero-carbon by 2038 (based on production-based emissions), this is not ambitious enough. Moreover, it excludes a fair share of the overall emissions from Manchester Airport. Declaring a climate emergency, and then taking the relevant actions, will show true leadership on the crucial issue facing young people today.”

Sign this petition. (You do need to be registered first – it takes about a minute if you aren’t already – form here.)

Even better. Print off a hard copy of the form and get signatures from friends, neighbours and colleagues. It is a great way to introduce the topic of climate breakdown, which, let’s face it, can feel a tricky thing to bring into everyday conversation. Trust us though, it gets easier! We absolutely need everyone to be taking action and to do this they need to know what is happening to our world and our future.