Event: Climate Strike

In the time of COVID19

The climate strikers chose to call a halt to the climate strike, in the period before the government took action to stop public meetings. The issues are still of course desperately pressing but we cannot currently protest.

COVID19 has had many devastating impacts on people and communities. we have also seen hugely positive responses from people and communities. Crisis brings change and can be when huge shifts happen to policy and lives, these can be good or bad. At Rising Up we are involved in trying to be active in pushing for positive change and being involved at a local level in mutual aid groups. There has been an amazing shift in awareness of where our food comes from, interest in growing it and of how vulnerable the system we rely on is.

The Mcr Youth Strike are encouraging people to do online protests for now, using social media to share photos of yourself with a banner. Each week there is a different suggested theme shared on Twitter which we are tagged in.