Event: Climate Strike

Friday November 29th

Pre-meet at the art gallery at 11 to meet others attending the strike with little ones. We will have space and paints for placard making, possibly masks (anyone fancy bringing templates or cereal packets to use?), facepaint for diy. We will bring cake and there will be tea and coffee.

We will be joining the main strike in St Peter’s Square from 12. They are not planning a march this time and will instead stay in the square.

We are planning active games to keep kids (and us) warm. PLEASE. Bring anything you fancy that will help make it fun for children, your own and others.

And please, introduce yourselves to anyone you see with kids, say hello to anyone you see looking lost. Rising Up is all about getting stuck in, about getting to meet others, you’re totally fine to come on your own and get involved. Green sashed ‘organisers’ will be on hand to help with anything we can, but remember, we are all crew. And we’re all parents and carers. So it can get a little busy 🙂 xx

About the climate strikes
Swedish teen Greta Thunberg started a global movement of climate strikes. Manchester children and young people have been doing monthly school strikes to demand that action be taken to protect their futures.

Adults are needed to stand alongside children and young people. This is so important. Children desperately need to see that we – the adults – are doing everything that we can, that they aren’t alone. Children need a chance to be involved as well. If you have children who attend school take them out. If you work, take time off. Invite friends and colleagues.