Event: Climate Strike

Friday September 20th

Swedish teen Greta Thunberg started a global movement of climate strike. Manchester children and young people have been doing monthly school strikes to demand that action be taken to protect their futures. The strike in September will be a global call for everyone to join, for adults to stand alongside children and young people. This is so important. Children desperately need to see that we – the adults – are doing everything that we can, that they aren’t alone. Children need a chance to be involved as well. If you have children who attend school take them out. If you work, take time off. Invite friends and colleagues.

11am Pre-protest meet at Manchester Art Gallery. Come meet other families, paint our faces and make placards. Plus tea, coffee, hopefully cake.

12 St Peter’s Square
The climate strikers have planned a march which Rising Up! Mcr Families will join. Walk with us in the families block. Buggies and scooters welcome.